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 Jet Airways cargo is equipped to handle just about all the cargo requirements. Whether it is perishables, livestock, fresh flowers, life-saving drugs, dip mail, live animals, hard currency, jewellery, gold, silver, or even eye-corneas, excellent facilities ensure that the cargo reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition.


International Airlines choose Jet Airways for their out-bound International connections so that the bonded cargo can reach its final International destination on time.

Shipments are accepted directly from the shipper or through agents. International carriers tender their cargo directly to Jet Airways on their Airway Bill. Direct Shipper's have to tender shipment under Instructions for Despatch of Goods duly filled with complete details of the shipment, origin, destination and additional handling information if any.

Responsibility of the Shipper

 Shipper is obliged to comply with all customs regulations and all other government regulations relating to the packing / marking / labeling for air-carriage.

Acceptance of Perishable Cargo

  • Shipper has to comply with IATA standard packing / labelling / marking and produce an indemnity for carriage on Jet Airways.
  • Meat wrapped in muslin cloth is not accepted for carriage on Jet Airways.
  • Fish shipment shall be completely enclosed in watertight containers.
  • Fresh fruits/Vegetables/ Flowers are accepted for carriage in well-packed conditions.

Acceptance of Valuables / Vulnerable / Dip Mail cargo

  • All valuable cargo is handled as separate category distinct from regular cargo.
  • Advance booking for flight has to make 24 hrs prior to departure of the flight.

If value is declared for cargo then a surcharge of 0.5% is charged for the value declared with a minimum of Rs.150 / - per shipment as Valuation charge. If value is not declared then Rs.5000/- is charged as Handling Charges.

 Cargo Rates


Rate is the amount charged by Jet Airways for carriage of a unit of weight / volume / Value of the goods. Applicable rates are published rates effective as on date. Calculation of charges for goods shall be made by multiplying the applicable rates per kilo by the chargeable weight / volume whichever is higher.


Types of Rates


Minimum - Rs.50 /-Basic Rate - Normal freight rate upto 45 Kg. Specific commodity rate - which are lower than basic rate for particular commodity / sector. Class Rate - For special class of cargo vis., Newspapers, gold, live animals.


Service and related charges


Airway bill fee - Rs.60 / Cartage charge Demurrage charge - (Starts from sixth day of arrival of the shipment)Valuation charge Handling charge.


Airway Bill


It is an agreement between the shipper and Jet Airways confirming acceptance of goods for carriage from point of origin to destination as recorded on the Airway Bill. In case no value is declared for carriage on the Airway bill, Jet Airways maximum legal liability in case of loss / damage to the shipment is restricted to      Rs.450/-per kg. Shipper or his agent certifies the particulars on the face of the Airway Bill are correct by signing on it.


Limitations on claim and actions by Jet Airways


No action is maintained incase the loss or damage to the goods unless a complaint in writing is made:

  • In case of visible damage / partial loss within - 7 days of receipt of goods.
  • In case of non-delivery of goods within - 120 days of the issue of the Airways bill. Refund against Airway bill

If a shipment cannot be carried due space/load, cancellation of flight, withdrawn at origin full refund of all charges except Airway bill fee is made.


General Information

  • Cargo Hold dimensions for Boeing 737 ( 400/700/800/900 series) 48 " x 34 " ( inches )
  • Individual package with maximum dimension as 34 " x 48 " x 53 " ( Height / Width / Length) can be accepted .
  • Individual package weighing 150kg and above is not accepted on Jet Airways flight.
  • Carriage of cargo covered by IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations is strictly prohibited on Jet Airways.
  • They also carry cargo on their ATR aircraft's except perishables/live animals.
  • Shipments for carriage on ATR aircraft are restricted to the maximum weight of 25 Kg per piece.
  • Jet Airways does not accept any cargo on C.O.D (Cash on Delivery) basis.
  • Apart from general cargo, Jet Airways accepts shipments such as - Perishables / Live animals/ Newspapers / Unaccompanied baggage.

 Concor Commences Bounded Trucking of Air Cargo at Coimbatore

             The container Corporation of India (Concor) recently launched bonded trucking for air-cargo from Coimbatore. The multi-modal logistic company is to operate the Customs-cleared trucking of air-cargo for export from Coimbatore to five gateway airports Kochi, Kozhikode, Chennai, Tiruchi and Bangalore. Qatar Airways and Sir Lankan Airlines have nominated Concor as their agency to handle transport of export cargo (cleared on bonds furnished to the Customs) by road from Coimbatore to the respective gateway airports. Concor is the second logistic company to take up bonded trucking of export cargo from the Coimbatore airport. The Commercial Cargo Linkers of Bangalore is the other. The Central Warehousing Corporation, the custodian of a city-based ink and container station at Singanallur here, is also operating the bonded trucking service for air cargo.

Transport of cargo

             It would expedite the transport of export cargo from Coimbatore to gateway ports and the shippers would have the advantages of having cheaper transport rates. It would also enhance supply chain management of the exporters by the entry of quality players like Concor.

Source:   The Hindu   Dated 26.1.2005

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Airway Bill (AWB)

The cargo equivalent of a passenger ticket which means the document made out by or on behalf of the shipper. It evidences the contract between the shipper and the carrier(s) for carriage of goods over routes of the carrier.

Goods carried by airline(s) on behalf of its customer.

 Cargo Terminal

A building or location where cargo is received, stored, Customs cleared and prepared for delivery and delivered.

 Charter Contract

A special agreement whereby carrier for an agreed operation places at shipper's disposition the entire capacity of an aircraft.


A person who has signed a charter contract with carrier.

A person whose name appears on the AWB as the party to whom the goods are to be delivered.

 Consignor (Shipper)

A person whose name appears on the AWB as the party contracting with the carrier(s) for carriage of goods.

 Consignment (Shipment)

One or more pieces of cargo accepted by the carrier from a single shipper, destined for one specific address moving on one AWB to one consignee.

 Cut-off time

The latest time cargo will be accepted for a specific flight prior to its departure.


The ultimate stopping place according to the contract of carriage.


          Refusal by carrier for a limited period to accept goods for transportation.

International Air Transport Association - an Association that establishes international rules and standards for participating air carriers.

 IATA member

Indicates an airline being member of the International Air Transport Association.

 Interline Agreement

A contract between two or more carriers to expedite exchange of traffic between the parties to the agreement.

 Minimum Connecting Time Perishables

Time sensitive items needing specialised handling.

 Unit Load Device (ULD)

Pallet or rigid container used to hold cargo.