Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) Number Print


IEC is a must to export and import of goods and services and received from the regional licensing authority unless specifically exempted under any other provision of the Export Import policies.

Categories of Importers Exporters exempted from obtaining Importer Exporter Code.

1) Ministries / Departments of the Central or State Government
2) Persons importing or exporting goods for their personal use not connected with trade.

Application and Supporting Documents

1) Application as given by the Regional Licensing Authority
2) Demand Drafts for payment of the fee of Rs.1000/-

Documents  to be attached
a) Sales Tax registration certificate
b) Copy of the passport in case of an individual
c) Certificate from the banker of the firm
d) Copy of PAN issued by the income tax authorities

Validity of IEC Number
An IEC number allotted to an applicant will be valid for all its branches / divisions / units / factories as indicated on the IEC* number.
Identity cards will be issued by the Regional Licensing Authority.

Registration with EPC
For availing various concessions and benefits under the current trade policy, the exporter is required to register himself with any one of the Export Promotion Councils or Commodity Boards and obtain Registration – cum Membership Certificate.

Registration with Sales Tax Authorities
Goods exported from India are eligible for both Central and State sale tax exemptions. For obtaining exemption, one should get its firm / company registered with the sales tax authorities in the State in which your office in situated.