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Varieties recently released :


  • Pavithra, Panjami, Uma, Karishma, Krishnanjana : Tolerant to gall midge biotype 5

  • Remanika : Short duration variety

  • Revathi : Medium duration

  • Karishma, Krishnanjana : For kari soils in Kuttanad

  • Karuna : Widely adaptable photo sensitive variety

  • Deepthi : For high ranges of Kerala

  • Makarom, Kumbham : For eastern lateritic belts during mundakan

  • Harsha


  • Thilathara : Average yield 582 kg/ha                                                              

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  • Sumanjana


  • Vyjayanthi : High yielding wine red poded

  • Kairali

  • Bhagyalakshmi

  • Lola

  • Subhra : Grain type


  • Soubhagya : Small to medium size, high yielding

  • Mudicode : Attractive golden yellow fruits, High yielding

  • Mudicode : High yielding, Attractive colour

  • Arunima

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  • Neelima : First brinjal hybrid of KAU, bacterial wilt resistant

  • Haritha : High yielding bacterial wilt resistant long duration variety       

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  • Priyanka : High yielding


  • Kaumudi : White type, long fruits, high yielding                                       

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Ash gourd

  • KAU local : High yielding, highly adaptable

  • Indu : High yielding, mosaic tolerant

Ridge gourd

  • Haritha

Chinese Potato

  • Nidhi : Early, high yielding

Greater yam

  • Indu : High yielding

Black pepper

  • Panniyur 6

  • Panniyur 7


  • CCRP 1,2,3,4,5 and 6


  • Madhumathi : High yielding mid late maturing, high jaggery quality and recovery

Other Technologies

  • Among the new fungicides, Carpropamide was observed to be effective in controlling rice blast disease.

  • Ocimum trap plus Malathion 0.1% at monthly intervals is recommended for control of mango fruit flies.

  • Studies on crop competition in banana conducted in the high ranges revealed nutrient sharing between mats.

  • For guinea grass, farm yard manure was found to be superior to vermicompost with respect to yield.

  • Acceptability trials in okra revealed that Thamaravenda was more acceptable than Pusa sawani.

  • Storage of cashew apples at 150 C in polythene lined containers was found to prolong the shelf life to two weeks.

  • The Agro Advisory Services Unit at Vellanikkara catered to the needs of the farmers of the five Panchayaths viz. Panancherry, Ollukkara, Cherpu, Madakkathara and Porathissery. Weekly Agro- Advisory Bulletins were prepared based on the medium range weather forecast received from the Super Computer Centre, NCMRWF, New Delhi and distributed to the Krishi Bhavans.

  • Developed equipment and tools such as tender coconut punch, tender coconut cutter, black pepper thresher, fruit plucker and papaya plucker.

  • Ivermectin was found to be the most effective drug (@ 0.3mg/kg 5/C) followed by Karangi oil in the treatment of psoroptes and notoedruscati in rabbits.

  • Chaff grain meal, a byproduct of rice mill industry, could be effectively and economically substituted for yellow maize, the costly energy supplement in rations of swine.

  • Carcass meal could be effectively included in the diets of pigs.

  • Blood as a feed supplement in growing desi pigs was found to be economic.

  • Swill is recommended for full replacement of concentrate pig feed.

  • Etroplus suratensis seeds could be produced in large numbers by providing egg attaching materials (coconut leaf petiole) in pokkali ponds during the breeding season of October-February.
    Silver carp could be successfully grown in pokkali ponds during the low saline phase from June to October.